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Clear cut advice for buying and using your saw

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional tradesman, you will always find relevant, helpful product reviews and advice at saw critic to make your project easier and get you going with the right tools for the job. 

The team at Saw Critic have long shared an enthusiasm for saws of all types and we want to share this with our readers to provide the best advice and information so you can select the saw that will be the best fit for you and your projects.

Meet the Team


trusted saw reviews Tony

Saws and I go back to childhood memories of helping dad in the hardware store.  Serving customers well was always dad’s top priority and his mission was to make sure everyone left his store with just what they needed for the project they were working on.  He didn’t oversell or undersell but gave good advice and people kept coming back.  Naturally, I learnt a lot about hardware but I also learnt to provide people with good information.  Saw Critic began as a way for me to continue helping people get the right information to help them make good decisions about their purchases, and why not saws?  We all need a good saw or two or more in the shed!


top rated saw reviews Geoff

My interest in saws started years ago when I found an old circular saw at a yard sale.  I was still a student and didn’t have a lot of money to spend so it was exciting for me to be able to get my first tool so I could start a bit of woodworking.  It started my collection, I still have it and I’ve kept on going.  I’m more of a DIY guy than a professional and I love looking at all the potential products out there people can buy – it’s hard to know which ones will be best for you.  So if you too are just starting out, we remember what that is like and we aim to provide advice that will help you get going, bearing in mind that budget is important when your a beginner because there’s usually a few items on the shopping list.


best power saws Andy

As a professional tradesman (carpentry) for many years I’ve had a lot of experience with different tools.  Getting that professional look to your finished project is often simply achieved by using the right tools.  And with the right tools, you also save a lot of time.  Because I have such a keen interest in power tools I know how to evaluate them and summarise the things that are important for you to know.  I can honestly say there is no way I could have used every tool on the market, but I understand the features and what they are designed to achieve, I know what features are necessary and those that are ‘gimmicky’ and I know how to recommend the right tool for a variety of different projects. 

Our Saw Review Process

All our reviews and buyer’s guides are first and foremost written with you, our readers in mind.  Our goal is to bring you unbiased information That will help you in your decision making process. 

Purchasing equipment for the home or business use is always an investment and you want that money to be well spent on products that will be durable and fit for purpose.  We believe our product summaries provide you with relevant information, all in one place,  that you can consider in your decision making.  

We hope you find our reviews, buyer’s guides, comparisons and advice helpful.  We start off by considering the type of saw and it’s features.  The buyer’s guides on each page will give a clear outline of all the different types of models and the differences between them and provide an explanation of the features of different saws.  

We review the saws by brand so if you are looking for a specific brand you can jump straight to that section of the website and read the saw reviews in that section.  

And finally, the price.  We have categorised the saws according to their price range for the more budget conscious buyer.  Whether you are setting up your home DIY workshop or upgrading professional tools, cost is always important to consider. 

best saw review process

Tips, Projects and How-to Guides

DIY woodworking projects

Not only do we want you to love the new saw you have purchased but we want you to get it out and learn how to use it and maintain it so it lasts you for a long time.  

Our how-to guides and project suggestions are more specifically designed for beginners.  If you are more experienced perhaps you would like to share some tips or projects with us and we can make those available to the Saw Critic community.  We would welcome your feedback on our contact page.

Finally, we want you to be safe so we have included tips for operating your saw safely.  And remember to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.