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best band saw


Band saws have a long blade generally capable of cutting wood, metal or plastic and can cut irregular or curved shapes. Our review highlights 10 quality band saws.

Top 10 Circular Saws in 2020


Circular saws come with an array of features and can be handheld or mounted, corded or cordless. Our full review of a great range of circular saws in 2021 will help your choice.


With a reciprocating blade and portable size, jig saws are ideal for cutting irregular shapes in wood. Read about the top 10 jig saws in 2021 to choose one for your toolkit.

Top 10 Metal Cutting Saws in 2020


Metal cutting saws are specifically designed with uniques blades and come in different sizes. Compare the features with our buyer's guide to purchasing a great metal saw.


Beginners and professionals will both benefit from having a miter saw. They are essential for cutting angles in your workpieces. Read this year's review of the top 10 miter saws.


Reciprocating saws can be used at any orientation and are a great power tool for getting the job done. We review 10 of the best reciprocating saws for 2021.

Top 10 Table Saws in 2020


If you are cutting larger pieces of timber it might be time to upgrade to a table saw. Our comprehensive reviews of many of the most popular table saws this year will be helpful.

Top 10 Tile and Masonry Saws in 2020


There's a range of different types of tile and masonry saws on the market this year. Our detailed reviews will help you easily compare the different saws to select the best one.

Cut Right To The Best Advice For Buying The Best Saw

Okay, so our puns may not be great, but our saw reviews and buyer’s guides are.

We’ve put in the hours so you can be confident you are reading well-researched reviews that you can trust.  Saw Critic is committed to providing helpful information presented in buyer’s guides, reviews and comparisons to help you fully understand the differences between the saws you are looking at purchasing.  We want to help you save time and make cost-effective decisions to get the job done, whatever your job may be.


Our Top Category Picks

Top 10 Band Saws in 2020

If you’re on the hunt for a new power saw that will get the most out of your budget while considering quality and capacity, then our Top 10 Band Saws in 2021 is for you.

Top 10 Table Saws in 2020

Table saws are ideal for straight cuts and angled cuts on larger pieces of timber.  Read on to find out if this is the right saw for you and what to look for when choosing one. 

Top 10 Tile and Masonry Saws in 2020

This article showcases the Top 10 Tile and Masonry Saws in 2020 which is a must read if you’re looking for an upgrade. We have detailed all you need to know for contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

Top 10 Circular Saws in 2020

With both speed and power, circular saws are very versatile and there are so many options to choose from.  Consider our detailed reviews of 10 of the top circular saws for 2021.


How We Compare & Choose

Comprehensive information to help you find a saw that is a cut above the rest.

Our expert reviewers understand what information is relevant to you when you are making a saw purchase.  They consider the manufacturer and design features of the saw, the type of saw and the jobs that it would be suitable for and the price.  Our reviews summarise all this data with ratings and comparisons so you can easily compare different saws to find the one that is a cut above the rest for your job.

Latest Reviews

Ryobi P505 5-1/2" 18 Volt Circular Saw Review

Ryobi P505 5-1/2″ 18 Volt Circular Saw Review

On average, a battery powered circular saw runs at a speed of 4000 RPM, but the Ryobi P505 5-1/2″ 18 Volt Circular Saw makes it up to 4700 RPM, which can also result in faster battery drainage. However, this tool is srguably one of the most economical tools in the market. For the price, P505 is a great option for Ryobi power tool users as it comes without a battery and charger.

Makita HS7600 7-1/4" Circular Saw Review

Makita HS7600 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Review

You know that you are not compromising on quality, power, and strength when the machine is by Makita. Makita’s circular saws are always the best ones due to their high power, efficiency, and lightweight design. The Makita HS7600 7-1/4″ Circular Saw is yet another powerful circular saw by one of the most recognized names in the industry. The 10.5-ampere motor delivers a 5200 RPM fast speed which can rip through many materials.

DEWALT DW716XPS 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw with XPS Review

DEWALT DW716XPS 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw with XPS Review

DEWALT is among the few brands who have a good reputation in front of its customers and always works to give out the best of all to its customers. People who try DEWALT power tools are always happy and there are only minor issues only. If you are also looking for something which is expensive and a heavy-duty machine, you should consider the one by DEWALT.

DEWALT DW317 Variable-Speed Orbital Jigsaw Review

DEWALT DW317 Variable-Speed Orbital Jigsaw Review

It is an established fact that cordless jigsaws are not appropriate for heavy duty tasks. If you have a ton of cutting applications, are a professional and require jigsaw for daily use, corded heavy duty jigsaws are the best choice. There are many high-tech jigsaws in the market, but we have one of the highest rated power saws which is the DEWALT DW317 Variable-Speed Orbital Jigsaw.

Powermatic PM1500 1791500 Bandsaw Review

Powermatic PM1500 1791500 Bandsaw Review

Wood is a great natural element that can be used to carve out number of creative products. A band saw can be a real help in making the woodwork effortlessly. This equipment gives enough room to the users to explore their creativity. Thus, it can be undoubtedly a game-changing tool for any woodwork beginners or professionals.

Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence Review

Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fence Review

Table saws offer the ripping capacity you just can’t find with any other type of power saw, and nobody does it better than Powermatic. They’ve easily become one of the top manufacturers of high-end, heavy-duty power tools which were meant to last a lifetime. Powermatic table saws are in a class of their own which have helped them become one of the best-selling models for professional woodworkers.

Our Buyer's Guide To Selecting The Right Saw

Saw Types Explained

For the home handyman or professional carpenter the range of saws on the market is huge.  Knowing which one is the right one for your job can be challenging, especially if you are new to DIY.

Band saws are one of those specialized tools that allow woodworkers to expand their horizons. Often used as the first tool in the shop as their importance and versatility allows you to accomplish tasks that were once nearly impossible. If you’re on the hunt for a new power saw that will get the most out of your budget while considering quality and capacity, then we’ve got the review for you.

Circular saws are one of the most versatile saws out there and can be found in virtually everyone’s toolshed. The sheer power and speed of circular saws give users the flexibility that is hard to find in any other type. Cordless circular saws are much more than powerful, noisy and one of the most dangerous power tools out there. It’s true what they say when looking at the sheer power they offer that you just can’t find in other DIY power tools and make quick work out of any woodworking project. When looking at the best of the best, cordless models are always at the top because of the freedom they offer users over traditional, corded models.

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Jig saws are specialized tools that allow users to cut curves, angles, and unique shapes and designs that are otherwise impossible. The versatility and affordability of this type of saw makes them sought after by woodworkers and enthusiasts alike and are a necessary power tool to refining your final product. With numerous DIY and professional uses alike, it’s no wonder why they’ve become necessary for any do-it-yourselfer.

This type of power saw offers a wide array of uses including cutting countertops, carpet, tile, metal, concrete and wood. Every day as well as jobsite uses have jig saws recommended for specialized cuts which allows users to put the finishing touch on DIY projects.

Metal cutting saws are necessary when looking to cut fine materials such as metal, but finding one that cuts with efficiency and precise results is quite difficult. This is where we come in as Saw Critic has become the best resource in finding quality reviews which leads us into our next one. These specialized saws are better suited which keeps you from throwing money out the window while retrofitting your traditional chop saw.

Miter saws are sometimes referred to as a drop saw, but no matter what you call it you know that it gives you the best option for cross-cutting angles into any workpiece. This power tool is a necessary component for woodworking and can easily be used by users with all different skill levels. All the biggest names in power tools have introduced at least one including Makita, DeWalt, Black & Decker, Jet, and many more.

Reciprocating saws are easily one of the most fun power tools to use, and if you’re looking for a tool that gives you the ability to demolition wood and other types of material with ease than this is it. This type of power saw replaces what many of us used to use old fashioned crow bars and hacksaws for which has taken out the manual process while making repurposing much more efficient.

Table saws are one of the most common types of power saws, but they’re not meant for everyone. The main purpose of these types of saws provide the user with the ability to crosscut all types of hardwood into more manageable pieces. When outfitted with features such as a miter gauge and fence, table saws offer up the ability for straight cuts and angled cuts which allow you to put the finishing touches on your next DIY project.

Both professionals and enthusiasts alike depend on table saws to offer functions which you just won’t find with any other type.

Tile and masonry saws come in all different sizes, sport different names, and have specialized purposes you just won’t find in any other type. These high-powered specialty saws are necessary components for contractors, tile installers and DIY enthusiasts that seem to make the project possible, when otherwise impossible. Some refer to them as wet and dry saws while others refer to them as stone saws, masonry saws, ring saws, and concrete saws.

These types of saws offer the power to cut through material other than wood which is what’s most commonly cut with power saws. Wet and dry saws can be seen in handheld and benchtop models and often boast a diamond tipped wheels or circular abrasive wheels to cut a wide array of material.

Factors In Choosing A Saw

Matching the right saw to the right job will go a long way to helping your finished project have that professional edge. 

But you probably don’t have room in the workshop or the budget for every kind of saw, so which one do you buy?  If you are just starting out do you purchase a circular saw, jig saw or reciprocating saw, or perhaps you are ready to take the next step to a band saw or table saw? We think it is important to consider the following factors when yo are purchasing a saw.

  • Where it will be used and stored? How much space is available?
  • How it will be used? What sort of projects do you like working on?
  • What are the saw’s features? Will it do everything you want it to do?
  • What is the power source? eg. corded or cordless
  • Is the construction of a hight quality and durability?
  • How safe is the saw and do you require special safety equipment?
  • What is involved in the ongoing maintenance costs and buying new blades?
  • Is the saw easy to use or is there a level of skill required?
  • What is the type and length of warranty?
  • How much does it cost?

When you make a decision based on a fact-finding mission, you have a much better chance of ending up with the right tool for your job.  Our reviews and buyer’s guides will get you well on the way to making a smart, informed decision.

Top 10 Band Saws in 2020

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